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New Moon Guided Meditation

Each New Moon, I reflect on what I want to manifest in my life and I make my 10 New Moon wishes.  This month, I’ve captured an outline which you can use as a guide for your own personal new moon practice.

Give it a try and experience the magic!

New Moon Meditation

Start by finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (and have a pen and paper with you).  Close your eyes and take 3 slow, cleansing breaths, emphasizing the exhales.  Take a moment to notice any emotions or sensations that are present, then acknowledge and allow them to be present with you in this moment, without any resistance.

Now, ask yourself, “what is the BEST possible outcome for me going forward?”  Allow your imagination to wander for a few moments and explore what comes up when you reflect on the BEST possible outcomes for you in your life now, for career, relationships, health, family, travel, personal development…whatever it is for you.  Take as long as you need here.  Reflect on how you FEEL in this vision for yourself?  Focus on the space around your heart and take a moment to allow yourself to FEEL how you want to feel in your perfect future, breathing it in on each inhale.  Take 6 breaths here, staying with the feeling as much as you can.

Now ask yourself, “what needs to happen in my life in order for this ideal vision to manifest?”  Take a few moments to consider what these are and then you can open your eyes and start writing them down on your piece of paper. Send out an energetic wish for each item as you write it down, welcoming support, strength and intuitive guidance as you move forward.  Review your list one more time and pause after each one, giving yourself a moment to imagine and feel again how each one will make you feel.  Close your eyes again and take 6 more breaths slowly through the nose, exhaling each time through the mouth.  As you exhale, send out gratitude for the journey you have experienced up until this point; the lessons and the blessings it has brought.

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes once again.  You can also keep your sheet and reflect on how you have progressed 6 months from now, at the time of the Full Moon in the same sign.


The Stargazing Yogi