Jupiter in Sagittarius ‘Square’ Neptune in Pisces – January, June & September 2019

A major energetic theme during 2019 comes from a square aspect which occurs 3 times between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  We begin to feel this aspect in late December 2018 and it will ‘peak’ 3 times during 2019 (see dates below).  Its effects finally wind down around the third week of October 2019. 

Dates for the 2019 Jupiter/Neptune Square

  • January 13th

  • June 16th (Jupiter in Retrograde)

  • September 21st

Square aspects bring an experience of tension and require action to resolve.  As you flow through this transit, there will be opportunities to become aware of the sources of tension that this energy is highlighting for you specifically.  Although you may feel their effects anytime from December 2018-October 2019, the ‘peak’ dates above generally represent when these energies will be most intense, bringing the greatest potential for personal transformation or breakthroughs in awareness.  The January, June and September Full Moons will also be heavily influenced by the energies of this transit.

Energetic Influences of Jupiter square Neptune in 2019

It’s likely that you will be working with beliefs about yourself or about the world which are ultimately limiting your potential.  You may experience severe disillusionment or a crisis of faith where your trust has been misplaced.  Be skeptical of ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes or anything that seems too good to be true as this transit brings the experience of misguided optimism which can lead to recklessness or foolish risk-taking.

This transit can help you become more grounded, bringing about the action needed to break out of isolationist and self-sabotaging tendencies by developing a greater sense of optimism, courage and enthusiasm about life.  Tuning into this energy involves considering whether you have been facing life’s challenges proactively, or if you have perhaps been caught up in an emotionally reactive cycle of escape, self-indulgence or despair.

Astrological squares bring an energetic clash between two energies that don’t naturally work well together, in this case Jupiter and Neptune.  At its worst, Jupiter in Sagittarius can be excessive, not knowing its physical, mental, emotional, financial or any other type of limits.  It can be so attached to freedom, indulgence and philosophical or academic truth that it neglects important practical details, mundane responsibilities or personal relationships.  While Neptune in Pisces represents the elevation of our collective spiritual awareness, it can also bring an experience of melancholia, depression or lack of motivation,  It naturally desires to avoid the stress of day-to-day life and retreat instead to the safety of a so-called dreamworld.  The common shadow expressions for both of these placements involves self-delusion and dissociation the real world.  Maximizing the positive potential of this astrological season involves finding a balance that enables these two forces to cooperate harmoniously.

This energy has the effect of disintegrating your ‘rose colored glasses’, so moving through with the flow of this transit means that it’s important to be willing to see beyond (and ultimately let go of) any attachments to the past (what could have been or what ought to be).  The opportunity of this transit is to become more consciously aware of where you avoid or escape life and/or take action that will bring your ideals into form in practical ways. You’re learning to balance the desire to be liberated from restrictive structures with completely checking out from reality.

Working Consciously with Astrological Energies:


Using astrology as a tool, we can develop a greater sense of self-awareness and an understanding of the soul’s desires to evolve.  Look for sources of tension or pressure in your experience and pay attention to anything that triggers you to express excessive tendencies or escape reality in some way.  From there, exploring your internal beliefs, memories and emotions associated with these experiences helps to bring limiting behavior patterns to a conscious level of understanding where they can be healed or released.

Tapping into the energetic archetype of a square’s ‘midpoint’ can indicate the type of action that should be taken to relieve it’s pressure, and the midpoint of this square is in the sign of Capricorn on the cusp to Aquarius.  Rather than looking at life from an idealistic point of view, the mid-point energy of this square represents taking a practical outlook that’s strongly oriented to your core purpose and long-term goals.  This energy is focused, strategic, persistent, and hard-working, standing in contrast with other self-indulgent expressions.  It is patient and takes a long-term approach, with a willingness to confront oppressive forces and challenge arbitrary figures of authority.

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