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Check out my first podcast episode for the Full Moon in Pisces, available now!

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Full Moons represent an energetic culmination that manifests with particular aspects of your life ‘reaching a new stage of maturity’. Pisces energy represents the unconscious mind and collective oneness that unites all beings. It is what defines us beyond the physical realm or the confines of time.

Learn more about the essence of the Pisces archetype, the energetic influence of the Full Moon and guidance for working with this September 2019 Full Moon as consciously and productively as possible. Learn about the Full Moon’s potential for allowing you to gain a greater sense of self-awareness as well as how you can use this energy on your personal evolutionary and healing journey. This podcast also touches on other astrological transits which are being activated by this Full Moon, and how their energy plays a role in our individual experience.

Lindsey DePeri, creator of Namastrology is an evolutionary astrologer, coach and teacher. In this podcast, she describes the energetic potentials of the Full Moon and how it can influence you and those around you over its 6-day ‘peak’ period.


Thank you and stay tuned for more insights coming to Namastrology Radio soon!