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Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox & Season of Libra!

The Autumn Equinox calls for heightened awareness, reflection and release.

As we observe the shifting seasons in the natural world around us, we must ourselves be willing to assess, let go and make the adjustments needed to create a newfound sense of balance.

7) Libra EnergyLIBRA VIBES

Libra as the Cardinal Air sign represents awareness – our awareness of the intellectual experience; our state of mind and the ideas or opinions of others.  Libra energy naturally employs diplomacy and compromise to achieve a sense of harmony – the scales of justice associated with this sign symbolize balance, with each party receiving ‘an equal share’.  Libra energy is often expressed through cooperation, accommodating the needs of others, listening and co-creating to realize shared goals.  This energy rules partnerships (the healthy balance of give and take) and is often associated with romantic relationships.

Ruled by Venus, Libra vibes are often focused on creating subtle beauty and aesthetic.  This energy senses what’s present and gently responds with supportive contributions.  Libra vibes also rule your own experience of peace and calm.  With this energy, there is a strong desire to establish harmony in the outer world as a way of encouraging peace within the mind.

Celebrate the Libra season by beginning to prepare yourself, body, mind and spirit, for the coming winter months.  Assess your situation objectively, (re)establishing routines and reflecting on where you may need to (re)create a sense of balance in your life and surroundings.  It can also be a great time to start something new.

Libra energy does not cling to the past, or hold on that which has outgrown its usefulness.  Like the leaves falling from the trees, consider for yourself what it’s time to let go of. Embracing the natural flow of life, you can use this time to release, lightly, a sense of trust that you will not compromise your essence.  In fact, this time brings the opportunity to reconnect with yourself in authentic ways.

As the days grow shorter, you may begin to tune more inward, spending time in quiet reflection while you watch the seasons change. Even though you may start to slow down, remember to appreciate the moments outdoors while you still can and make time for special gatherings with friends.

Fall Equinox Vibes

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox marks the Sun’s halfway point in its shift towards the northern sky.  On the day of the equinox, light and dark, inner and outer, masculine and feminine, are all in balance.  Following the equinox, night gradually takes over, with sunlight hours diminishing day by day until the Winter Solstice turning point.  This is a time for practicality and acceptance of what is.  It’s time to observe, adjust and reconcile, finding truth in the union of opposites.

Fall is a time of simultaneous bounty and withering; crops are harvested just as the natural world begins to fade.  As you witness the decay of the natural world, it is also a time to reconcile with your notions about death and change.  Achieving balance now involves having a sense of respect for the impending dark while giving thanks for the light.  Reflecting on the nourishment and vitality you’ve enjoyed during recent months, hold gratitude in your heart for the life lessons which have helped you grow and mature.  As the focus shifts ever inward, reflect on have you learned or discovered about yourself, and what you might want to spend time exploring or developing about yourself through the dark season.


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Personal Planet Transits through Libra in 2019


Sept 23rd – Oct 23rd


Sept 14th – Oct 3rd


Sept 14th – Oct 8th


Oct 4th – Nov 18th


New Moon in Libra: Saturday, September 28th



Key Personal Planet Transits in Libra

Oppositions to Chiron in Aries

As the personal planets enter Libra, we’ll experience their opposition to Chiron in Aries.  Chiron represents the areas of life where we are learning to overcome self doubt and heal old wounds.  During this time, it can be important to prioritize to your personal needs without guilt or shame.  Consider what you might be sacrificing for the sake of accommodating others and whether it’s truly worth it.  These vibes may challenge you to grow by moving out of your comfort zone, giving voice to what you need in order to experience your own inner peace.  You may be challenged to become more independent now, or to develop the skills needed to confront issues both assertively and respectfully.


Squares to Saturn, South Node and Pluto in Capricorn

Late in their transit of Libra, the personal planets will square Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn.  These transits of Capricorn represent significant long-term transformation related to power, leadership and our long-held values around wealth, authority and success.  As we move through this period of radical change, the square energy to Libra can temporarily intensify stress and discomfort – especially where there is resistance to the changes necessary to our evolution on both an individual and cultural level.

Libra energy, which strives for stability, predictability and peace, is in conflict with these Capricorn vibes and the energy of radical transformation being brought by Saturn, Pluto and the South Node now.  Change is inevitable, bringing us new opportunities, wisdom and strength.  Relieving the the pressure of the square will likely involve confronting fear and pessimism about change in order to create more openness to the silver lining.

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