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The Lunar Nodes & Key Messages of the 2020-22 Eclipses!

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What are the Lunar Nodes?

The Lunar Nodes operate as ‘guideposts’ on our personal and collective evolutionary journey. They identify the themes that are a key focus in support of your growth and maturity throughout your life. The Lunar Nodes point out where you are being called to rely less on certain habits, beliefs and/or behaviors while finding ways to lean into new ideals and approaches in support of your highest evolutionary potential.

The message of the Lunar Nodes is reinforced at each Solar and Lunar Eclipse which typically aligns to the same ‘zodiac axis’ which the Nodes are activating.

The Lunar Nodes are the two points where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic each month. The ecliptic is the Sun’s apparent orbital path on the celestial sphere.

The Lunar Nodes are always in opposition to each other in the zodiac. They activate an energetic ‘polarity’, which brings a sort of tension. In evolutionary astrology, tension points to the need for change and the balance or integration of opposites through self-awareness.


As the Lunar Nodes progress through the zodiac, they spend ~18 months in each sign, or along each zodiac sign axis. The Nodes actually progress ‘backwards’ through the zodiac, so they move through the signs in the opposite order to the Sun, Moon and other planets.

On May 5th, 2020 the Nodes shifted off the Cancer/Capricorn axis, onto the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. They will remain on this sign axis until Jan 18th, 2022.

The South Node in Sagittarius

The South Node has a seductive pull and may even blind our objectivity at times or in certain situations. This energy represents instinctive/automatic behaviors, beliefs and reactions, which may be cultural norms or traditions in our current society, and which are no longer serving your highest good, or the highest good of society. This is not meant to imply that any sign in the zodiac is good, or better than any other sign, or that any sign is bad. The South Node merely highlights the excessive, outdated or particularly low-vibration expressions of a particular sign which we are being called to consciously evolve.

While the South Node is in Sagittarius, we must consider the potential negative, unproductive or even destructive effects, of the following expressions:

  • Risk-taking / excessive optimism / recklessness
  • Anger, impatience, aggression and/or closed-mindedness during confrontations with others; self-righteousness
  • Insensitivity towards others
  • Oversimplifying or making assumptions
  • Intolerance of others’ ideas and opinions

The North Node in Gemini

The North Node often represents moving out of your comfort zone, or taking a ‘leap of faith’, in order to adopt a more spiritually fulfilling approach to life. It points to valuable new perspectives and/or ideals, old and/or ancient values that may have been forgotten or devalued by modern society.

The North Node identifies the specific expressions that you are being called to explore and rediscover, so that you may find a new sense of balance, truth and harmony in your life. This is not meant to imply that any sign in the zodiac is better than any other sign, but the North Node does call you to tune into the highest vibration expressions of the sign that is being activated in order to unlock your greatest potential.

While the North Node is in Gemini, the following expressions are supported and encouraged:

  • Adopting an easy-going nature, observing and adapting to what’s present in the moment
  • Focus on learning through dialogue with others – listening, asking questions, sharing and synthesizing ideas
  • Curiosity and flexibility
  • Attention to detail and nuance
  • Playful exploration

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