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Podcast #12: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 4th/5th



A Lunar Eclipse is an uber powerful Full Moon. This eclipse represents maturity, self-discovery and change, as well as resistance to change.

There are so many powerful activations of the Capricorn archetype this year and this is the main reason why the astrology of 2020 is so dramatic. Our relationship with this archetype being reorganized.

This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn represents radical transformation from the inside out and the wisdom that can come from healing wounds on a deep, soul-level.

This weekend’s 4th of July Lunar Eclipse signals finality, conclusion, resolution of the ‘thematic arc’ of the Lunar Nodes on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that has been unfolding over the last 18 months. It will continue to wind down over the next 5 months.

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Lindsey DePeri is an evolutionary astrologer and creator of Namastrology TM, as well as a teacher of yoga, bhakti and meditation. Lindsey has been teaching astrology since 2017 and works with clients around the world to facilitate a deeper sense of awareness, empowerment and purpose. She provides insights and perspective to assist with navigating through current challenges and key life decisions. Lindsey is compassionate, intuitive and insightful; witnessing and honoring the profound beauty of each soul’s epic journey through her work.

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