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Uranus Retrograde 2020-2021

Uranus joining six other outer planets in retrograde this weekend reinforces a theme of deep introspection that has been continuing since May of this year and which is a strong theme for 2020 – wow!

Uranus retrograde points to awakening of consciousness, which can sometimes be shocking or unsettling.

The energy of planet Uranus ultimately rules liberation, new ways of thinking, innovation, raw authenticity, and alignment to core values. When Uranian energy is strong, rules are questioned, authority figures are challenged and arbitrary structures and/or beliefs are dismantled.

As Uranus enters its 5-month long retrograde phase, its energy is more focused on how you see the world around you, as well as what you are carrying with you from past experiences. Where do you need to release self-limiting perceptions? How is fear of the unknown holding you back from taking a risk or expressing the authentic spark that is YOU? What truths need to be fully acknowledged and/or spoken now?

The energy of Uranus retrograde (until January 2021) will allow you to tune into your deepest sources of strength, courage and perseverance, with greater awareness to your own value and worth. It will call you to examine deep-seated fear, and can support you in healing sources of insecurity. It will also call you to question what you think you need to feel secure and/or safe – and can in turn lead you to let go of attachments to ‘old comforts’.

Uranus in retrograde can help you to break away from old habits and/or traditions. It can tune you into instincts and impulses that you tend to deny yourself. It can open you up to new perspectives and make you more aware of your own core ideals. Uranus retrograde in Taurus may prompt you to slow down and appreciate the sweetness of life more fully, and it can awaken you to a more profound love for all life and nature.

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