April Horoscope 2017 – LEO (or Leo RISING)

Astrological Themes in April for Leo

There is great focus on career for Leo this April. It can be a time for great developments, advancements or other kinds change in the workplace. You may feel pressure to push forward with your career but given the energies that are present you are bound to experience setbacks at the same time. Be careful not to push too aggressively and allow divine timing to guide you. If you are feeling especially frustrated about your work life right now, let go of being defined only by your work and remember that good things are coming very soon. 

April is a time for broadening your horizons, for engaging new learning and accessing new wisdom. You can get more in touch with your intuition now so watch for hidden signs, prophetic dreams or other messages. Spending time alone or in meditation can help you to access truths from unseen realms. Dare to be idealistic about your goals and also about your relationships – and allow yourself to envision the best possible outcome in order to manifest these dreams. Keep your energies vibrating at a high frequency now; as falling into negative behaviour patters or bad habits holds you back from achieving your full potential.  

Astrological Transits in April 

Venus Retrograde continues for the first two weeks of April so this is a dicey time for relationships and finances. This time can bring pressure, anxiety and arguments but will start to diminish slowly after April 15th. Remember to avoid making commitments in relationships or to make hefty new financial investments now, and it’s best to wait to pursue these until we are clear of the post-retrograde shadow, which will be after May 19th. We are also in the Mercury retrograde shadow during the first week of the month and Mercury will be retrograde as of April 9th, so it’s definitely time to slow down and not to be rigid with plans. Mercury rules our ‘direct actions’ and communications, so when it is in retrograde, it interferes with our ability to get things done or to start new projects successfully.  

For more information about Venus retrograde and relationships, click here for some tips to help manage through this challenging energy.  

Even though it’s not a great time to start new projects, you may discover new inspiration related to your long-term goals and plans, including personal, relationship and business aspirations. This can be a great time to engage new ideas or to explore a different point of view. While it’s a good time to explore new options, remember to wait to make anything official during the personal planet retrogrades (until the 3rd week of May).  

The week of the full moon on April 11th will be intense and can represent a culmination or the experience of matters ‘coming to a head’, especially for romantic relationships and business partnerships. This energy is reinforced by the tensions that have been heightened throughout the months due to Venus coming to the end of her retrograde phase. Unresolved issues can lead to drama and elevated emotions, but a ‘twist of fate’ is also possible so don’t assume you know exactly how things are going to turn out.  

This is also a time for healing of all kinds; it can lead to a ‘breakthrough’ that brings you more aligned with your inner happiness; it can also bring a welcome resolution to relationship issues that you have been working through over the past several weeks. Forgiveness, release of long-standing resentment or other insecurities allows us to make space for new love and new possibilities for happiness.  

The month ends on a reflective but optimistic note: take things easy as the residual effects of recent developments are still falling into place.  For a more detailed explanation of Astrological Transits in April, click here to read more. 

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