‘Quick Readings’

Receive Astrological Advice on Personal Questions:

  • Serves to provide directional guidance without a detailed birth chart reading
  • Addresses a key question that you provide
  • Identifies the main astrological transits influencing you and reviews how long they will last
  • Delivered in written format, or as a 25-minute audio recording, with a copy of your astrological birth + transit chart

$45 USD

Please complete the form below to request your Quick Reading!

This reading can be delivered either in written format, or as 25-minute Mp3 audio recording. Includes a copy of your astrological birth + transit chart.


Please click on the link below to send a payment for your Quick Reading.  This step is required in order for your reading to be scheduled.  Thank you!

Quick Reading!

Astrological Advice on Personal Questions: Choose between a 1-page report or a ~25-minute audio recording



Thank You!

I’m looking forward to working together!

Wondering What to Expect?

My astrology readings are fun, insightful and compassionate!

ALL readings are 100% personalized. You will not receive any assessment that is generated by software. Each reading is customized based on your unique information and your specific questions.  These ‘mini’ readings include a personalized private ‘podcast’ audio recording and a copy of your astrological natal and transit charts.

My approach to giving readings as a customized (Mp3) recording means that you do not need to schedule a specific time and day with me to receive your reading.  You can also listen to your reading as many times as you like.

Your personalized recording is private and is sent only to you, however after you receive your reading you may share it with anyone you wish.

Still not sure?  Check out the testimonials shared by previous clients like you!

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