Astrology Readings at Soul Tree Yoga!

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart in-depth, with the underlying belief that it represents the condition and trajectory of the soul at the moment of incarnation.

The goal of this exploration is self-awareness and empowerment by identifying the soul’s intentions, its greatest potentials, and key areas of development on the journey to self-mastery.


Receive a Foundational Reading of your personal natal chart, with a brief overview of the astrological transits influencing you:

  • Reviews your unique natal chart, providing insights into your personality traits within the context of evolutionary astrology
  • Explores your unique behavior tendencies, needs & motivations
  • Reviews your greatest gifts as well as the hidden skills which you have the potential to develop
  • Identifies major astrological transits and key life milestones that are influencing the challenges you are currently experiencing, and how these fit into the overall themes of the soul’s evolutionary journey
  • Discusses your personal path to true fulfillment

*Includes a copy of your natal chart, transit chart and other charts that may be generated during the reading and a written summary.

Readings given in-person in Lafayette, Colorado with Evolutionary Astrologer, Lindsey DePeri!

$135 USD for 75 Minutes


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In-Person Foundational Astrology Reading!

BECOME EMPOWERED THROUGH A GREATER SENSE OF SELF-AWARENESS: A Reading of the Natal Chart & Brief Overview of Current Astrological Transits


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