Astrology Readings

Evolutionary astrology explores the unique and complex layers of the birth chart to illuminate deep layers of the psyche and unconscious.

The goal of this exploration is self-awareness and empowerment by identifying the soul’s intentions as well as key areas for development on the journey to self-mastery.

During a private session, we will; 

  • Explore your unique behavior tendencies, needs & motivations
  • Review your greatest gifts as well as the hidden skills which you have the potential to develop
  • Identify major astrological transits and key life milestones that are influencing the challenges you are currently experiencing + how these fit into the overall themes of the soul’s evolutionary journey
  • Discusses your personal path to true fulfillment
  • Explore astrological influences within personal relationships (if applicable)
  • Work together on specific areas relating to your personal development goals

Sliding Scale’ Special Pricing (limited time offer)

60-minutes $125 (Slide => $90)

90-minutes $180 (Slide => $135)

Please feel free to pay what you can/what feels good!

Questions? Email me anytime!

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