August Horoscope 2017 – PISCES (or Pisces RISING) 

General Astrological Transits in August (ALL Zodiac Signs)

August is a more reflective month than July and while there is the potential for significant revelations, it demands at the same time a more passive energy from us.  This month brings revelations and realizations but it doesn’t necessarily demand that we go out and seek radical change – this is very much a time for ‘returning to the essentials’ and to what has always been important to us in our heart of hearts.

Let go of too many concrete plans this month and try to be open to ‘going with the flow’ because there is so much potential now for wonderful surprises.  And since it’s the summer, this is a great invitation to let go of expectations and just enjoy the moment.  How wonderful!  August is a month to engage our more playful, fun-loving sides, to experience joy, to spend time with friends and family, to express love openly and warmly and to take pleasure in the simple things in life.

Astrological Themes for PISCES in August 

You are in a time of coming into your own now more than ever, Pisces, and it’s important to accept who you are without being ashamed of it in any way.  This is a very good month for you getting on track, finding out what you really love in life and what you really want.   This is also a time to become more objective about how your goals are aligned with your actions and how the energy you project out to the world contributes into how you are perceived by others.  Consistency is called for this month from you, Pisces, and will ultimately bring you greater stability, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Uranus enters retrograde on August 3rd until early January 2018 which means that throughout the rest of the year there is a focus on personal transformation from the ‘inside out’.   For you, Pisces, Uranus in the 1st and 2nd houses and has been shaking up your foundation or creating ‘highs and lows’ in terms of your confidence levels over the past few years.  Now in retrograde, Uranus is helping you to see the internal sources for your feelings of instability and can help you to clear away obstacles within yourself.  This can also be calling for greater consistency in how you stand up for your personal values.

You are being challenged to become stronger in your convictions so that you will not be swayed by the opinions of others.  The more you feel comfortable with who you are and what you believe in, the more this will be reflected outwardly in your physical experiences of security: your personal finances, your ability to save money and even to attract more financial compensation for your work.  What is most important is your ability to remain consistent with your commitments because that is when the rewards will come.

This energy is reinforced by the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on August 7th.  It’s so powerful for you, Pisces, and brings a tremendous opportunity to get clear vision of exactly what will bring you greatest fulfillment in your life now!  Again, there is also a very strong emphasis on letting go of internal obstacles, self-doubt, fear and feelings of isolation.  There is a very strong theme of renewal associated with the Eclipses this month and being able to take the first steps towards important new goals if you are open to giving yourself a ‘clean slate’.

Mercury in retrograde this month in your 6th house signals that it’s time to catch up with yourself and put those plans into place that you’ve been meaning to get organized around.  It’s a good time to lay out all of the steps that you need to get done in order to achieve your next big goals and to ask for help with this if you need!  Don’t worry now about feeling a lot of pressure to speed through getting things done, because this month is more of a time firming up your plans and getting mentally prepared.  This month is also a great time for recognizing how much you have to offer and how you can help people.  You have a tremendous gift for generosity, selflessness and compassion and this gives you the ability to heal.

One of the overarching transits carrying over from July is a square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, which comes to a head on August the 4th but continues to influence us energetically until the end of the month.  This is a time for knowing who you can really trust, Pisces, and forming important bonds with those who fully accept you.

There is an awkward ‘quincunx’, which is a more challenging aspect, between Mars and Chiron from August 25th-31st.  For Pisces the message here is to trust your intuition, let go of self-doubt and recognize that you have the ability to take control of your life.  Trust in your own judgement, trust that what you want is what is right for you and that you deserve it.

This energy also reinforces the theme of realizing your tremendous capacity to help others.  Feel confident knowing that your strength of compassion and understanding, your sensitivity and your sense of empathy are your greatest gifts and let this confidence keep you grounded through times of change, knowing that you will not lose yourself.

img_1618-7Key Messages for August (all signs):

  • Accept who you are and your unique gifts! It’s time to let go of the burden to be ‘perfect’ by anyone else’s standards.  If you allow your true joys to take center stage, everything else will fall into place.
  • This is a month to look inward, to explore your personal truths, values, desires and purpose.  Trust that you will blessed with moments of clarity and realization on these matters.
  • It’s time to welcome the possibility of change in order to bring new opportunities into your life.
  • Be open to ‘unexpected miracles’ by letting go of attachment to any specific outcomes.
  • It is time to bring your life into greater alignment with your personal values.
  • Choose to be with those who make you feel safe to express yourself without inhibitions.


– Stargazing Yogi