August Horoscope 2017 – VIRGO (or Virgo RISING)

General Astrological Transits in August (ALL Zodiac Signs)

August is a more reflective month than July and while there is the potential for significant revelations, it demands at the same time a more passive energy from us.  This month brings revelations and realizations but it doesn’t necessarily demand that we go out and seek radical change – this is very much a time for ‘returning to the essentials’ and to what has always been important to us in our heart of hearts.

Let go of too many concrete plans this month and try to be open to ‘going with the flow’ because there is so much potential now for wonderful surprises.  And since it’s the summer, this is a great invitation to let go of expectations and just enjoy the moment.  How wonderful!  August is a month to engage our more playful, fun-loving sides, to experience joy, to spend time with friends and family, to express love openly and warmly and to take pleasure in the simple things in life.

Astrological Themes for VIRGO in August

In August there is a general focus on 11th moving into the 12th house for you, Virgo.  This is a social and fun-loving month, a time to get out there and enjoy the summer days.  You may feel like this is your time to totally let go, you may even feel impulsive now.  As the month progresses and energies move from Leo to Virgo, and pass out of the 12th house you will start to feel more grounded again.

Watch out for harsh, rigid thinking or the need to be ‘right’ this month because this is a sign that your ego is getting the better of you.  There is so much passionate Leo energy in your chart this month, but that can also lead to arrogance, so remember to be light.  This is such a productive month for Virgo – a time to get things done and to finish projects.  You might feel like you have the ability to juggle many balls and keep tabs on all of the details right now.

Uranus enters retrograde on August 3rd until early January 2018 which means that throughout the rest of the year there is a focus on personal transformation from the ‘inside out’.  Uranus is retrograde in your 8th house meaning that it’s time to examine the root cause of feelings of instability in your relationships, particularly marriage, family relationships or business relationships involving money.  You may need to re-examine how your individual goals are aligned with the commitments you have made.

One of the overarching transits carrying over from July is a square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, which comes to a head on August the 4th but continues to influence us energetically until the end of the month.  Don’t sacrifice what’s important to you just to please others.  You may need to make a conscious decisions about who belongs in your close circle now.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 7th and for most of you will be in your 5th house (although for those born early in the sign it occurs in your 6th house). The Eclipse in the 5th house brings strong support for creative pursuits, love, new romance, relationships with children and a greater ability to express oneself openly and honestly.  The Eclipse in the 6th house brings support for work-related endeavors, personal health, healing and pets.  This month can also remind you of how important it is to share your success and give back to others.  Be mindful of your priorities because your work means nothing if it isn’t towards something you believe in or if it doesn’t bring you connections with people that aren’t meaningful for you.  If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in life right now these can be key questions for you to answer and help find your way.

With Mercury in Retrograde this month in Virgo (your sign!), and the Solar Eclipse coming later this month in Leo and your 12th house, I would say this is a really important month for evaluating your goals and priorities.  With your birthday coming up in the next few weeks, it’s a good time to check in on how the various aspects of your life are aligned with what you want.  The Eclipses can bring ‘messages’ or revelations that can help with this alignment so be open, and as the month progresses spend some time laying out your plans for the coming year.  You have a tremendous potential for creativity now, for dreaming big – so use that energy!  In the coming year, you can achieve what you want if you put your mind to it and this is a really good time for evaluating what you’ve accomplished in order to decide what comes next.

There is an awkward ‘quincunx’, which is a more challenging aspect, between Mars and Chiron from August 25th-31st and the message for you Virgo here is don’t sell yourself short!!!!  This transit reinforces the theme of realizing how much you have to offer, and when you share your desires with the people you love, you will be surprised at how supportive and willing they are to assist you.  You can play a larger role in your work or in your circle of friends, as someone who leads and influences – don’t doubt that.


img_1618-7Key Messages for August (all signs):

  • Accept who you are and your unique gifts! It’s time to let go of the burden to be ‘perfect’ by anyone else’s standards.  If you allow your true joys to take center stage, everything else will fall into place.
  • This is a month to look inward, to explore your personal truths, values, desires and purpose.  Trust that you will blessed with moments of clarity and realization on these matters.
  • It’s time to welcome the possibility of change in order to bring new opportunities into your life.
  • Be open to ‘unexpected miracles’ by letting go of attachment to any specific outcomes.
  • It is time to bring your life into greater alignment with your personal values.
  • Choose to be with those who make you feel safe to express yourself without inhibitions.


– Stargazing Yogi