Follow Up Consultations & Coaching

May explore one or more of the following:

  • Exploring the deeper layers of the natal chart
  • The energetic influences of astrological transits over the next 6-12 months
  • Upcoming eclipses
  • Addressing specific questions related to astrological timing
  • Advice and guidance in order to make key decisions or life changes
  • Coaching through key life milestones and other long-term transits involving the transformational influences of the outer planets
  • The dynamics of personal relationships
  • Coaching and support with personal development goals

Questions? Please email me anytime!

I am now offering 1-1 sessions on a ‘sliding scale’:

$150 – $90 for a 90-minute session


$108 – $70 for 60-minutes

Please feel free to pay what you can/what feels good

Includes a 1-1 session via ‘Zoom’ and/or private Mp3 recording, a copy of your Astrological Natal Chart Report (new!), plus any additional astrological charts that may be generated during the reading, and a written summary of my notes.

Please email me to schedule a follow-up session!

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