Follow Up Consultations & Coaching

May explore one or more of the following:

  • Exploring the deeper layers of the natal chart
  • The energetic influences of astrological transits over the next 6-12 months
  • Upcoming eclipses
  • Addressing specific questions related to astrological timing
  • Advice and guidance in order to make key decisions or life changes
  • Coaching through key life milestones and other long-term transits involving the transformational influences of the outer planets
  • The dynamics of personal relationships
  • Coaching and support with personal development goals

Questions? Please email me anytime!


45-minutes for $75

*45-minute sessions are available to clients who have had a session within the last 3 months

75-minutes for $135

Discounted Price $120*

*available to clients who have had a session within the last 6 months

Please email me to schedule a follow-up session!


3 x 75-minute sessions for $350 USD

< OR >

4 x 45-minute sessions for $285 USD

An in-depth exploration of the soul’s deepest desires, your greatest potentials and life purpose.  We’ll work through the influences of current transits and their highest potentials, combined with personal coaching and customized tools for self-empowerment.


SPECIAL OFFER: Bundle of 3 x 75 Minute Sessions

*must be used within 12 months of purchase


SPECIAL OFFER: Bundle of 4 x 45 minute sessions

*must be used within 8 months of purchase




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