March Horoscope 2017 – SAGITTARIUS (and Sagittarius RISING)

March gets underway on the heels of the solar and lunar eclipses that just occurred in February, and the effects can continue to be felt throughout the month. For more details see below;

Recap of the February SOLAR Eclipse

Review of February LUNAR Eclipse

March is a great time to focus on long-term goals and to make strides on projects that have been underway for some time. Saturn will trine Mars on March 5th and Mars will trine North Node on March 14th bringing positive advances to long-term endeavours and related to your unique personal strengths! While there is some ‘stop and go’ energy during other times in the month, you can start to sense that your ongoing efforts are paying off. Have patience stay committed to what you want to achieve! 

The Sun and Mercury will be meeting up on March 6th in Pisces bringing more clarity and also an emotional flavour to your communication. This can be a time when you are truly able to ‘say what you mean’, or when your true emotions are made known whether you want them to be or not.  

The full moon on March 12th in Virgo brings personal projects to completion and can bring resolution to health issues if they are present. Be careful about ‘heightened emotions’, typically experienced during the full moon and the potential for brewing conflicts to come to a head. The Virgo full moon can bring up frustration or self judgement if you feel like you have not made the progress that you ‘should’ have made by this point.  It can bring clarity or a decision related to travel or to a new learning opportunity. Get ahead of this potential pitfall by working towards your objectives as early as possible in the month, and remember that real progress takes time. 

As Jupiter stationed retrograde last month, there is a general energy of ‘inward expansion’ and reflections of ones personal values and philosophies over the next several months.  There is also a more focused theme in March of inner reflection and gaining awareness this month of your inner thoughts, emotions and ‘pressure points’ or old wounds that can now be reconciled. Take some time for reflection and allow yourself to let go of any burdens that are coming in the way of your own inner peace. 

For those born in the first half of the sign (or for those with 0-14 degrees of Sagittarius rising) the energy is supportive of spending time with family, and possibly reconciling any long-standing conflicts at home. For those born in the second half of the sign (or for those with 15-29 degrees of Sagittarius rising), there is more of a focus on personal values, working on a greater sense of feeling grounded and building up your own feelings of self worth. There is also the possibility of bringing more financial security in your life by setting up a new long term savings plan. This is a good time to get a head start on your taxes and setting your financial goals.  

Venus in Retrograde this month brings challenges to your experience of love, relationships, finances as well as self image. Troubles in your relationships may seem more apparent during this time and ‘past loves’ can come back into the picture. This is a very good time for forgiveness and for moving on from relationships that no longer serve a positive purpose in your life. Focus on compassion and on on putting yourself first during this time and avoid being pulled into ‘drama’.  

Specifically for Sagittarius, there is an opportunity for reconciling long-standing disputes related to home and family, or also possibly of building more of a sense of emotional security, and feeling more security by giving care and nurturing to others. Feelings can be expressed honestly around March 25th, or you may suddenly see your relationships more clearly when the Sun will come into conjunction with Venus in this retrograde cycle.  

From a business perspective, this may be a time for unwinding from financial engagements that are ‘meant to end’ or which are no longer in line with your goals.  

There is a theme overall in 2017 being brought by an opposition between Uranus and Jupiter that will occur 3 times this year and occurs for the second time on March 4th.  For Sagittarius, this represents making changes to bring more balance between your home life and your career.  

March 20th brings the first day of Spring and the Sun will be moving into fiery Aries. Mars in Taurus brings a calm balance to this fiery energy and a more grounded, practical focus. The New Moon on March 27th also occurs in Aries! This is a great time to make New Moon wishes for new beginnings, personal changes, personal goals and building confidence.  

Best of Luck! 

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