May Horoscope 2017 – ARIES (or Aries RISING) 

Below is a description of the astrological themes for Aries this month, click here to read about the general transits for ALL signs

Astrological Themes for Aries in May

Those with Aries Sun (or rising) sign may have felt somewhat introspective in April and that energy can carry into the first part of May. You may be questioning yourself, your life path, career or relationships, but take some comfort in knowing that this is normal and part of the general retrograde energy we are all experiencing – and it will pass!

What’s especially strong for Aries is that both Mercury AND Venus retrogrades have been taking place in your sign over the last 2 months AND primarily in your 1st house – the house of self, identity and the physical body! The influence of these energies can be taking a toll on your normally high confidence levels. This is a lot for you to have been dealing with over the past several weeks! It’s like having to run an astrological gauntlet!

Those born later in the sign have also been experiencing retrograde also in their 12th house – which rules your subconscious mind, creativity and intuitive sensitivities. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment to relax try to ‘ride out this wave’. Mercury stations direct on May 3rd bringing relief to health-related matters, travel and communication with each day that passes, until May 21st. So this month is like a ‘clearing’ of astrological fog that has been especially strong for Aries.

While Venus is now direct, the retrograde energies we experienced in March and April are still influencing you until May 19th. The good news is that, with each passing day, you can gain more clarity in matters of love, money and business. With Venus in your first house, you can feel greater vitality or a boost in your health circumstances and as the month continues, you will feel more and more confident, physically attractive and charming in social situations. If you’re planning to buy a new wardrobe or get a new hairstyle – it’s the best time of the year to do so, but wait until after May 21st when we are clear of personal planet retrograde energies.

May is a good time to focus on self care and to review your personal habits. If you are not happy with something in your life, this is the time to ask yourself what are you actively doing to change it? The world around you is a reflection of your own thoughts and attitudes so if there is chaos in your mind – you are going to experience the same chaos in your life too! As we come out of this phase of alternating personal planet retrogrades, which we have been experiencing since December 2016, now is a good time to consider your financial situation, your spending and saving habits. If you can prioritize and improve on your financial security, you will feel more confident in other aspects of your life.

General Astrological Transits in May (ALL zodiac signs)

May is an exciting month! It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost! This month brings in some optimistic energy, that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets…Click to read more about the General Transits for all zodiac signs in May!