May Horoscopes 2017 – GEMINI (or Gemini RISING)

Below is a description of the astrological themes for Gemini this month, click here to read about the general transits for ALL signs

Astrological Themes for Gemini in May 

A theme for Gemini this month that is continuing from the second half of April is re-connection and re-alignment. As your personal planet energies shift into your 12th house, it means that May is a slightly more introspective month for you Gemini. It may be true that spring is coming and that you may be tempted to fill your calendar with social activities as expected for this time of year, but there is also strong a need for balance now. It’s important to leave yourself a little more free time than usual for some quiet contemplation. Bringing this alignment into your life helps you to make better decisions about how you will spend your time in the near future.  Think of it as a time to ‘regroup’ and refocus on what’s important to you as you approach the time of your birthday and a new year.

Let yourself ‘off the hook’ with social commitments especially in the first 2-3 weeks of the month. Avoid making any financial commitments like big purchases, signing contracts or making long-term plans during this time if you can (try to postpone these until after May 21st). Now is a time to take it easy and focus on the present or to reconcile with and let go of anything from the past, which no longer serves you. May is a great month to spend some time on your own and reconnect with what is really important to you.

General Astrological Transits in May (ALL zodiac signs)

May is an exciting month! It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost in May! This month brings in some optimistic energy, especially towards the end of the month, that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets…Click to read more about the General Transits for all zodiac signs in May!