May Horoscopes 2017 – LIBRA (or Libra RISING) 

Below is a description of the astrological themes for Libra this month, click here to read about the general transits for ALL signs. 

Astrological Themes for Libra in May 

We are coming out of the personal planet retrogrades this month, bringing some relief to the intense energies of April, whew! Remain cautious during the first few weeks of May however, especially with respect to financial commitments, big purchases, the signing of contracts or locking yourself into long-term plans. This is still a time to take it easy and assess where things have landed after the period of transformation that we have just been through (which started back in January). You may find that you have adopted a new balance in your life now that suits you going forward.

Relationships can still be in a phase of fluctuation especially if there are issues being ‘swept under the rug’ and have remain unresolved for some time. These would have been a source of stress during February, March and April while the energies of Venus retrograde were strong, but you are not quite out of the woods yet. If you have been trying to keep your frustrations concealed in order to ‘maintain the peace’ Libra, you will be challenged to keep your true concerns repressed during the Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th. Consider facing a confrontation that may be unavoidable but which can ultimately bring relief to you and your relationship, and try to do so as early in the month as you can. May is a month when you are going to be especially challenged Libra to say what you truly feel, despite how you believe others will perceive you as a result.

As May continues, there is increasing excitement and thirst for new experiences, new learning or travel. If you do have travel plans this month, try to leave them as ‘open-ended’ as you can, as unexpected impulses are more likely this month. As we are still feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde, there is a greater chance that our plans do not work out as we originally intended. If this happens, don’t let yourself believe that all is lost because the irony of this energy is that it tends to bring us greater outcomes than we ever could have imagined. Be open and willing to embrace the unexpected.

General Astrological Transits in May (ALL zodiac signs)

May is an exciting month! It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost in May! This month brings in some optimistic energy, especially towards the end of the month, that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets…Click to read more about the General Transits for all zodiac signs in May!