May Horoscopes 2017 – PISCES (or Pisces RISING) 

Below is a description of the astrological themes for Pisces this month, click here to read about the general transits for ALL signs

Astrological Themes for Pisces in May 

As the Sun passes through your second house, money and your financial stability are a big area of focus. This month (especially the end of the month) is a good time to set your short-term and long-term financial goals, resolving or building a plan to resolve outstanding debts once and for all for example through a commitment to monthly payments. At the same time, good news may come your way related to your financial security (especially for those born early in the sign of Pisces), that are a result from your efforts to maintain focus in your work life in the recent past, and staying committed to your goals. For those born in the second half of the sign, there is a greater possibility of good news to come to you related to your health, personal fitness goals, possibly bringing a new leadership opportunity.

The Full Moon occurs in Scorpio this month on May 10th in your 8th house, bringing the possibility for resolution of long-standing issues in a marriage relationship, or other relationships involving shared resources (this can also include business relationships involving shared money, relationships especially involving family money, wills and inheritances, tax related matters or investments in the stock market).

Specifically related to relationships, with Jupiter in your 7th house this year, there is a lot of potential now to bring greater harmony into your love life especially when you can express yourself honestly about something you have been holding back. This is a time when suppressing your feelings is no longer going to bring greater relief then saying what is on your mind.  It’s also best to address these sooner rather than later because around the May 10th Full Moon, emotions will be running higher than normal, making it more difficult to address confrontations objectively.

General Astrological Transits in May (ALL zodiac signs)

May is an exciting month! It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost in May! This month brings in some optimistic energy, especially towards the end of the month, that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets…Click to read more about the General Transits for all zodiac signs in May!