May Horoscopes 2017 – VIRGO (or Virgo RISING)

Below is a description of the astrological themes for Virgo this month, click here to read about the general transits for all signs

Astrological Themes for Virgo in May 

As we come out of the personal planet retrogrades this month, you will gradually experience a feeling of relief, especially in the area of relationships which have been especially challenging during the past 3 months, and especially in cases where finances or shared debts were involved.  With Mercury conjunct Uranus on May 9th, there can still bring some surprises in the area of committed relationships, shared money or other shared resources (this is the final of 3 meetups between the two planets over the past 7 weeks, signalling something that is in a state of transformation or that is being ‘shaken up’).  On a more personal side, this aspect occurs in Aries, signalling that you may be getting more clear about a specific personal goal or noticing an evolution in how you express yourself with others, perhaps being more comfortable expressing your ideas independently.

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs in your 3rd house which represents communication, written correspondence or other forms of writing, ideas and the ability to express yourself clearly – for writers this can be a very creative and productive time.  It can also represent relationships with siblings, roommates or other relatives in your ‘extended family’.  This can also be a time when you become clear about a decision where you have recently been considering multiple options.  For those born at the end of the sign, you will experience the Full Moon in your 2nd house, bringing the potential to solidify or reach a milestone related to your personal wealth and financial security.

Finances are also a general theme for Virgo this month as the Sun passes through the sign of Taurus.  You feel more grounded now, stronger in your convictions and more focused on building your foundation.  Ownership and making a big new purchase can be on your mind, but remember to avoid making a large investment until after May 21st if you can.  With Jupiter also passing through your 2nd house, there is an overall theme for you in the coming year around generating more personal wealth (or taking the initial steps in the short-term that ensure your financial stability over time)


On May 29th, there is an opposition between Mars in Gemini, in your 10th house, and Saturn in Sagittarius, in your 4th house.  This can bring up a need to balance your career ambitions (your desire to achieve and earn recognition) with your home life.  You are also working this year on learning to express your personal needs more effectively, perhaps discovering new ways to speaking up rather than holding back on expressing your deepest feelings, or learning to express your emotions in a more tactful way.  For those born at the beginning and middle of the sign of Virgo, this has already been a theme for you for several months, while it is now becoming more of a focus for those born later in the sign.

General Astrological Transits in May (ALL zodiac signs)

May is an exciting month! It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost! This month brings in some optimistic energy, that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets…Click to read more about the General Transits for all zodiac signs in May!