“Lindsey’s reading of my birth chart was outstanding! She was able to tap into the deepest corners of my being through her knowledge and insight of astrology. Her approach intertwines intricate aspects of the houses, the signs, and the planets with grace and ease. I was amazed at the amount of information she shared in the session. She revealed powerful, impactful impressions that I could not wait to listen to a second time. I have had many reading before and hers absolutely deserves a ‘WOW’! I felt affirmed and empowered. Lindsey’s gentle approach when talking about the ‘dark-side’ of my chart allowed me to confirm and accept aspects of myself of which I need to be vigilant in order to by my highest and best self. There are so many layers of self that can be revealed through astrology and Lindsey is masterful at it.”

– Denise

“You have no idea how extremely helpful this is.  So much there and so meaningful!  I have listened to the recording a few times now and each time I hear something new.  Thanks again for your wonderful gift and for sharing it with me.”

– Karen

“You’ve given me clarity and exposed traits and patterns I was not aware of – it was a healing experience because the awareness sets it free!  Now that I recognize these patterns, they don’t run me anymore.  Thank you so much.”

– Rebecca

“The childrens’ readings were amazing, I loved them!! It totally resonated with what I was thinking and feeling for them.  Validating it is amazing and helps me have more confidence in how to help them!”

– EC

“Lindsey’s reading was so beautifully done! I’ve had numerous astrology readings before with different astrologers & I have never heard the deep insights that Lindsey was able to pull from my chart! Just by reading my birth chart she was able to pick up on my deepest desires I want in life, desires I don’t even share with my closest friends & family! With her insight I was able to consciously realize all of the skills I already have which will provide the foundation to following my dreams! I also loved Lindsey’s reading as she not only provided a beautiful audio recording which I’ve already listened to 3 times in 10 days, but she also provided a written summary of my chart which is so wonderful to reference to when you don’t have a chance to listen to the audio. After the reading I felt more connected to my purpose & felt like I am more connected to my soul. Even though we’ve never met, I feel like she knows more about my soul than the people who I’m closest to.”

– Annie

“Lindsey was simply incredible. Her warm and inviting nature was deeply appreciated as readings are very personal. Her reading was well thought over and accurate. I would highly recommend Lindsey for anyone wanting astrology advice.”

– Lisa

“For some reason my mind just can’t assimilate astrological information. The esoteric language gets muddled in my head. So I need someone that can spoon feed it to me. Lindsey did just this. She helped me see the big picture. Rather than getting mired in the myriad of hard to pronounce names and abstract spatial relationships, she boiled it down to what I need to know. Her “bedside manner” was respectful, kind, compassionate, and steeped with a deep reverence for my personal process. Thank you Lindsey. We all need a little spiritual support now and then.”

– JH

“Thank you so much for your beautiful and wonderful reading to me!  You have hit so much on the head!  You are truly a gifted soul.  Thank you so very very much!!!!”

– Jackie

“Thank you so much for the reading it allowed me to fully embrace my gifts now and step into them.”

– Corrina

“Thank you so much! You have a soothing voice in your recording presentation, which is reassuring!  It does resonate with me, in many areas of my life.”

– Gwendolyn

“Thanks sooo much! The recorded reading was very enlightening and gave me further insight and clarity. The solar return reading was right on the mark I am going through a major transitioning period in my life.  You have great insight and a very good vibe.”

– Anna

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