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Namastrology is the integrated practice of astrology through a spiritual, evolutionary lens, with the intention of creating a greater sense of self-awareness and supporting one’s personal development journey. This practice honors and bears witness to each soul’s epic journey, with a deep sense of love and compassion.


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Evolutionary Astrology in 2020: Epic Cycles of Change & Renewal

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Lafayette, Colorado

Lindsey DePeri is an evolutionary astrologer, yoga/meditation teacher and touring bhakti musician, who is passionate about the healing arts and helping others to realize their greatest potentials through self-exploration and discovery.

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Evolutionary astrology…

…is a practice of astrology with the goal of helping you to become more personally empowered by understanding your unique strengths and gifts. It views the birth chart as a symbol of the soul’s intentions and desires for growth in this lifetime.

I also focus on offerings to help you incorporate astrological insights into your life and learn to use astrological timing to your advantage!

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